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Avoiding Back Injuries in Lawn Bowling: Tips for a Pain-Free Game

Posted on November 10th, 2023 by Andries Lodder

by Jana van Jaarsveld


Lawn bowling is a relaxing and enjoyable sport that’s popular among people of all ages. However, like any physical activity, it’s important to be mindful of the risk of back injuries. In this article, we’ll explore common causes of back injuries during lawn bowling and offer tips on how to prevent them, so you can continue to enjoy the game pain-free.

Understanding the Mechanics

Before we delve into prevention, let’s take a moment to understand how back injuries can occur in lawn bowling. The game involves bending, twisting, and repetitive motions, which can put strain on your back.

How to Prevent Back Injuries

  • Warm Up and Stretch: It’s essential to start with a proper warm-up routine. Stretch your back, legs, and arms to loosen up your muscles and increase flexibility.
  • Maintain Good Posture: Maintaining proper posture is crucial during lawn bowling. Keep your back straight and your core engaged while you bowl.
  • Choose the Right Bowl: Make sure you use the right weight and size. Opt for a bowl that you can comfortably hold and deliver without straining your back.
  • Balance and Footwork: Ensure a balanced stance when delivering the bowl. Distribute your weight evenly on both legs, which can reduce the stress on your lower back.
  • Rotate Your Hips: When releasing the bowl, focus on rotating your hips rather than relying solely on your upper body. This will distribute the force more evenly and reduce the strain on your back.

Treatment and conditioning

Regularly participating in exercises that strengthen your core and back muscles can help prevent injuries. A strong core provides stability and support for your back during lawn bowling.

If experience stiffness or pain during playing try these exercises:

Cobra Stretch or Back Extension Stretch

Lie on your stomach.
Place your hands underneath your shoulders.
Squeeze your elbows in toward your rib cage throughout the whole movement.
Press the top of your feet down into the floor and engage your quads so the knee caps lift off the floor.
Engage your abdominals so that the pubic bone presses down to the floor.
And then engage your back muscles to lift up into extension.
Slide your shoulder blades down your back and make sure you keep elbows and shoulders down.
Slide your shoulder blades down your back, and then push off the floor into the Cobra position.
Remember to keep your elbows close to your rib cage and your shoulder blades down.

Low Plank on Knees

Lie down on a mat on your front.
Lift your chest up off the floor using your forearms.
Lift your hips up, keeping your knees on the floor.
You should have a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.
Keep your shoulders strong and do not sink down at the hips or the chest.
Hold this position.
Relax and return to the starting position.

Bird dog

Start on your hands and knees, with your hands under your shoulders, and knees under your hips.
Tighten the abdominal core muscles.
Extend the opposite leg and the opposite arm simultaneously, making sure your maintain good control in your torso.
Do not allow your body or hips to rotate.
Repeat on the other side.


Lie on your front and extend your arms straight out in front of you.
Simultaneously lift and lengthen your arms and legs.
Hold for a moment and then return to the starting position.


Lawn bowling is a delightful pastime, and with the right precautions, you can prevent back injuries and enjoy the game for years to come.

By understanding the mechanics, maintaining proper form, and prioritizing your health, you can roll those bowls down the green without worrying about back pain.

So, lace up your shoes, grab your bowls, and keep rolling, pain-free! Please feel free to contact via our website or on our social media.


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