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Andries Lodder Biokineticist Bryanston & Killarney

Posted on February 9th, 2012 by Andries Lodder

Biokineticist Andries Lodder

Biokinetics to get you on top, in front or just back on your feet.


Andries Lodder Biokineticist Bryanston – The Gym, The Campus

Andries Lodder Biokineticist is a team of exercise specialists whose primary focus is improving an individual’s physical conditioning and quality of life by means of biomechanical analysis and individualized exercise training routines for the prevention of injuries as well as the rehabilitation of sport and other injuries. Biokineticists in general focus on a wide variety of acute (short term) and chronic (long term) conditions such as Metabolic Disorders, Stress Related Disorders, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Osteoporosis, Low Back Pain, Arthritis, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity and Diabetes.

The practice of biokinetics is recognised by and registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Some of the services Andries Lodder Biokineticist Bryanston & Killarney provides include Basic Assessments, Balance and co-ordination Testing, Concussion testing, Orthopaedic and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Power Plate training, Lactate testing, Plyometric training and Sport Specific training programs.

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