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Importance of a Biokineticist

Posted on June 7th, 2022 by Andries Lodder

A Biokineticist is a medical professional that prescribes individualized exercise and physical activity for both rehabilitation and the promotion of health and quality of life.

We as biokineticists, understand how the human body moves and what it needs to stay active and healthy. We can be used for specific injury rehabilitation, strength training as well as maintaining a good quality of life through exercise and movement. But why is this important?

When we don’t use our muscles regularly, they begin to weaken. This means that our bodies are at a higher risk of injury as our muscles aren’t strong enough to do their job properly anymore. With this lack of activity, we also start to lose our flexibility. Tight muscles can increase the amount of tension placed on various joints causing pain and discomfort. The weaker we get and the more pain we start to experience, the urge to exercise decreases even more and the cycle continues.

By exercising, we are moving our muscles through a full range of motion, thus taking pressure off those painful joints. We are also strengthening our muscles each time we train. This means that each group of muscles is doing their intended job and we are decreasing our risk of unnecessary injury. Exercising also increases the production of feel-good hormones. The combination of these feel-good hormones, the decrease in joint pain and the improved strength makes us want to train more and more, thus creating a much more productive and healthy cycle. 

Unfortunately, when we exercise or play sport, we sometimes land up with an injury. Luckily for you, we can help with that too. How do we help?

We start with a full assessment, taking into account the history of any previous injuries, any conditions you may have, how the injury happens and what goals you want out of the rehabilitation process. We then do a full postural assessment as well as looking at your strength and flexibility levels. 

Your personalized rehabilitation process is then based off these findings. We help you with every movement, ensuring that they are done with the correct form. This ensures that the muscles are working optimally and that no other muscles are doing the job of the injured one. Each muscle in your body has a specific role and if it is not fulfilling that role, it increases your chance of re-injury. 

We are also able to help those that are not injured and just want some kind of training that is specific to their sport. We prescribe movements that are most commonly used in your sport. This helps you avoid unnecessary exercises that offer no benefit to your goals. Improving on these specific exercises will greatly improve your performance.

We look at how you progress during each session and work toward the goals set out at the beginning ensuring that you reach them as soon as possible. This can be a fast process but it can also be slow depending on the extent of the condition. The most important aspects for us are to ensure that your body is working optimally and that you are able to return to exercise or sport without any fear of hurting yourself again. 

If you need any assistance with an injury or would like to start your fitness and health journey, feel free to contact us.


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