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At Home Body Weight Workout

Posted on April 6th, 2020 by Andries Lodder

All you need for this workout is a open space and a stable chair

Warm up:

  • Do 3 rounds of the following
  • Wall squats x 10
    • Stand with toes as close to wall as possible
    • Feet just wider then hip width apart, with toes pointing outwards
    • Hands above the head in a V position
    • Keep head straight, do not look to the side or down
    • In this position, squat as far down as possible without lifting the heels or falling backwards
    • Return to starting position
  • Step throughs x 10
    • Start in a push up position
    • Step through with the right leg, placing the right foot next to or as close as possible to the right hand
    • Keep the left leg as straight as possible
    • In this position bounce the hips lightly up and down
    • Return right leg to starting position
    • Repeat on the left side
  • Pelvic Bridges x 10
    • Lying on your back, with your hands at your side and knees bent
    • Push the hips up to the ceiling as high as you can
    • Push through your heels
    • Lower the hips back down
    • Repeat
    • If this exercise is to easy it can be done single leg


  • Sit to stands
    • Standing in front of a chair, feet hip width apart, hands out in front of you
    • Slowly lower hips down to the chair
    • Either sit on the chair or just lightly tap it
    • Then push through the heels and stand back up
    • x15
  • Tricep dips
    • Place hands on the edge of chair
    • Move body weight forwards off the chair, the legs can either be bent or straight depending on your level of strength (Bent is easier)
    • Bend the elbows and lower the hips towards the floor
    • Keep the back flat and close to the chair
    • Push back up through the palms
    • x 15
  • Lunge
    • Place the hands of the hips and start with feet hip width apart
    • Step forward on one leg, bending the back knee towards the floor
    • Keep the front heel flat on the floor and push weight through it
    • Push back up and bring that leg back to starting position
    • Repeat with other leg
    • x 10 per leg
  • Push ups
    • Start in a push up position with hands directly under the shoulder
    • Can either do this exercise on the toes at the back or on the knees depending on your strength (Knees are easier)
    • It can also be done with the hands on the chair (easiest ) or with the feet on the chair (hardest)
    • Bend the elbows, taking the chest down towards the ground
    • Push back up to straight arms
    • x 10
  • Step ups
    • Standing in front of the chair
    • Step up onto the chair with one leg, pushing through the heel of the working leg
    • Step back down
    • x 10 reps per leg

This is a very simple example of a at home body weight workout. To make things harder you can increase the reps or the number of sets that you do. You can also add in a cardio exercise, such as mountain climbers, between the exercises to bring the heart rate up.

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