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Steve Peralta – Wellness Coach

Posted on March 8th, 2013 by Andries Lodder

Steve Peralta – Integrative Wellness Coach and Founder of H.E.A.L

A path to Holistic Energised Artful Living…

Steve Peralta

As an earnest musician, Steve Peralta had aspirations of becoming famous for his well-crafted songwriting, but it was Heat Magazine’s coining of the name “Six-Pack Steve” which seemed to stick and garnered him the most attention. At least this tells you he knows how to get you a six-pack. However, what it doesn’t tell you is that despite the outwardly impressive physique, he was far from healthy. At around the age of 27, it seemed the effects of a less than mindful life had taken it’s toll.

Besides being a musician and theatre performer, Steve worked as a model. He was able to ‘sell‘ fitness on camera, but was hardly a well-oiled machine. He lived with back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, stomach pain, insomnia and all kinds of irritating afflictions such as heart-burn, eczema and regular migraines. Surely being truly fit doesn’t constitute brokenness and dysfunction? The question is, what had happened to the young, seemingly well functioning all round athlete from the good old school days? Well, modern living it seems. Not knowing how to live a mindful, balanced life had created a reliance on sleeping pills (which never really worked), continual brain fog, relentless cravings for sugar (often in the form of an alcoholic drink) and a generally stressed-out feeling. Steve realised he needed something to change.

It has now been five years since he made a decision to study and become mindful of what creates optimal vitality and he can confidently describe himself now as fit, strong, healthy and happy. At 34, he has a more balanced physique than when he was younger and he feels great. The physical issues are gone and he knows how to create sustained and balanced energy for himself throughout the day.

How did he create this change? Well, he embarked on a 5 year journey of study and practical work through the C.H.E.K Institute in the U.S and UK to become a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 2) and C.H.E.K Practitioner (Level 2). This enabled him to set up and run a successful Corrective Exercise and Wellness Coaching practise just outside of London up until the end of 2012. Using the skills and knowledge acquired through his studies, he was able to quite literally turn his life around, as well as the lives of many of his clients. The approach he uses helps to move people who need to perform to their maximum potential, out of pain, stress and dysfunction, toward a far more productive space of vibrant health and vitality. Steve is grateful for having found an avenue for transforming his creativity and passionate approach to life into something constructive and empowering for both himself and others. With this in mind, he has recently decided to make the move back home to South Africa, where he looks forward to connecting with as many people as possible in a collective journey toward authentic health in 2013 and beyond.

Besides the coaching, training and development of his brand, Steve is a speaker who presents on topics relating to optimal wellness in the modern world. His most recent engagement was his presentation on ‘Conditioning for Success’ at B Braun Medical’s national Sales Conference in London.

As a singer, musician and songwriter, music still forms an integral and passionate part of his life.

For more info on Steve, visit his web at or contact him directly via email or phone +27 712707381

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