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Ripple Effect

Posted on March 4th, 2013 by Andries Lodder

ankle and knee

The foot and ankle joints are a very complex and interesting interaction of the ligaments which hold them together and the muscles which try to control them.

Chronic overuse injuries in the runner are an extremely common condition and sadly restriction of movement in the foot and ankle joints are often overlooked. In the average person these joint restrictions may seem unimportant and may cause only minor injuries and discomfort. But in the endurance athlete repetitive joint patho-mechanics on a ‘small’ area can have a profound ripple effect on the rest of the body and result in huge array of injuries.

These injuries range from nerve and vascular compression to an Achilles tendinosis. A quick example of this ripple effect is the common Iliotibial Band (ITB) Friction Syndrome.  It’s well known that a flat (pronated) foot will cause inward rotation of the lower leg and thigh, weak hip external rotators (your butt) and a tight ITB which rubs over the lateral femoral condyle and causes lateral knee pain.

Often there is joint fixation in the sub-talar joint (part of your ankle) of the foot for example and if this is not corrected these injuries take a long time to correct because the muscle you stretch and strengthen cannot unlock the affected joint.

These joint fixations are relatively easy to identify and correct through Chiropractic joint adjustments and can speed up recovery greatly!

By Dr Bradley Waterer, Chiropractor

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