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Joint Health & Chiropractic

Posted on January 6th, 2012 by Andries


The Synovial Joint

Most of the joints in our bodies, which allow us to move, are synovial joints. These joints rely on the diffusion of oxygen and nutrients within the joint fluid to nourish the cartilage. Effective diffusion of oxygen and nutrients within our joints requires movement of the joints. Unfortunately as a result of poor posture, chronic dis-use and acute injuries, joints tend to become ‘fixated’ and lose their ability to move correctly and sufficiently. Reduced movement will decrease the oxygen and nutrient supply within a joint and predispose a joint to inflammation and degeneration.


Scientific research specifically aimed at studying degenerative changes as a result of joint fixation (hypomobility) show that the process and extent of degeneration is directly affected by the length of joint hypomobility. Symptoms are numerous but includes pain and stiffness among others. Fortunately Chiropractic Care can assess and correct these affected joints in most people and subsequently promote joint health! The research article discussed above can be read here.

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