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The 10000-Hour Rule: What It Really Means

Posted on May 10th, 2016 by Andries Lodder

Very Important read for all parents with young childrenMALCOLM GLADWELL GOT US WRONG: OUR RESEARCH WAS KEY TO THE 10000-HOUR RULE, BUT HERE’S WHAT GOT OVERSIMPLIFIEDMalcolm Gladwell (Credit: Hachette Book Group) Yes, it takes effort to be an expert. But Gladwell based 10,000-hour rule in part on our work, and misunderstoodANDERS ERICSSON AND ROBERT POOLAdapted from […]



Posted on May 5th, 2016 by Andries Lodder

THE DISORDER ASSOCIATED WITH GRINDING AND CLENCHING OF YOUR TEETHBy Dr. Ashana Harryparsad, BDS (WITS), PDD (UWC), MChD (UP), Specialist Prosthodontist, Netcare Waterfall City Hospital.Grinding or clenching of your teeth is medically diagnosed as bruxism, and can occur while asleep or awake. Few entities in the dental fraternity are as perplexing as bruxism. Its prevalence […]


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