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Beach Abs

Posted on December 5th, 2011 by Andries Lodder

When it comes to making changes in your physique, you must get clear on what you want, and be honest with yourself from the beginning. Perfection is not required, but there is a great balance between work done in the kitchen, and in the gym. Lets make your goal a reality.

When it comes to diet, there is no perfect meal, however, it comes down to calories in vs. calories out. It’s as easy as that!

A Couple of Steps to follow

  1. Eat throughout the day – The body is pre-disposed to hold on to every ounce of energy you feed it. Fat is stored as energy reserves. When you starve yourself, the body holds on to the fat. Supplying your body with food on a consistent basis will get your metabolism going, and allow you to use more fat as a source of energy.
  2. Drink more water – Make it a habit by keeping a bottle of water with you where ever you go. With proper hydration levels, it will be easier for the body to utilize fat for energy.
  3. Limit alcohol consumptionExcessive alcohol will have negative effects on your progress. A glass of wine with dinner won’t hinder your progress.
  4. Have the right personal approach to abdominal training – Having a strong core is so crucial to maintaining correct form in the gym, which can lead to fewer injuries in the future when doing other exercises.

The abdominals are composed of four main muscles: The Rectus Abdominis, External Oblique, Internal Oblique, and Transversus Abdominis. Each muscle has a role in the stabilization of a strong core, and the approval of all on the beach. Implement a routine that hits each one of these muscle groups to an equal degree for a intense workout:

The ab workout


Warm-up: 50 trunk twists – 2 sets, 25 full-sit ups.


Superset 1) balance ball sit-ups with side bend/ balance ball leg raises- 2 sets


Superset 2) bicycle crunches – 2 sets


Superset 3) leg raises – 1 set

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Superset 4) 30 second planks and 30 second side-bridges – 1 set

Cool-down: 50 trunk twists – 2 sets, 25 full sit-ups

Other exercises to add variety: Balance ball knee crunch, Roman chair raises.

This is a fairly advanced routine, and beginners should use caution and start out using one set of each exercise. Use a stopwatch and see how long it takes you to complete the workout and try improve on it every time.

This is a very manageable strategy to get that body we all die to show off at the beach. Now stop reading and start planning.

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