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Fathima Jeewa

Posted on January 8th, 2019 by Sinaicom

Fathima Jeewa grew up in Springs and moved to Johannesburg to pursue her studies at the University of Johannesburg. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sports Psychology and then went on to complete her Honors Degree in Biokinetics. Fathima recently completed her internship and has always enjoyed remaining fit and active. She believes that through an active lifestyle and taking care of one’s body, it is possible to combat hypokinetic diseases that are ever so present in today’s society. She has worked at a variety of sporting events and has experience in dealing with both young and geriatric injuries through strapping and post-operative strengthening. Fathima has been fortunate enough to have worked with many other professionals in the health and medical fields and understands that a holistic approach is vital to providing the best treatment for the patient. She has a keen interest in chronic disease management, Rheumatoid Arthritis and hip replacements. Fathima intends to continue with her masters in 2019. Her objective as a young and upcoming Biokineticist is to educate people as to why Biokinetics is so beneficial to the athlete, middle aged and elderly. She believes that the correct exercise routines and dosages can prevent ongoing injuries in sports and small changes in lifestyle behaviours can have a positive long term effect.