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  • Cross Training for Runners

    By Jennifer SteeleWhat is Cross Training?Cross training refers to the inclusion of different and varied exercises, that supplement and differ from the exercise or event for which you are specifically training for.When speaking specifically in term of running, cross training then refers to cycling, swimming or strength training. When these varied exercises are included it […]

  • Performance Enhancement Training Part 2: Core Stability Training

    In last month’s issue we discussed in depth about Sport Specificity as the first part of performance enhancement training. We realised that we have to achieve equilibrium through integration of optimal functional strength, power, core stability, balance, proprioception, reaction time, agility, decision making and technique and that only when the body is at total equilibrium, […]

  • Keeping Injury Free this Holiday Season

      By Jennifer Steele     It’s officially holiday season and so our routines are thrown out the window. The number of Christmas parties start to increase, the servings of pudding go up. While on the opposite side of the scale the exercise programs get put on the back burner. This is all normal. However, […]

  • Chronic and Overuse injuries

    By Jennifer SteeleTypes of InjuiresThe majority of injuries sustained through exercise and sports can be categorized into two groups, acute injuries and chronic overuse injuries. In simple terms acute injuries occur suddenly and usually because of a traumatic or specific incident, while chronic overuse injuries occur over time, there is no sudden onset and they […]


    Iliotibial Band Friction SyndromeBy Andries Lodder As a Biokineticist, I know that one of the most commonly occurring injuries among athletes injuries is Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS).What is it really?The ITB is the connective tissue band that runs down the lateral side of the thigh and attaches on the lateral surface of the tibial condyle […]

  • Pedal Power

    By Andrew Savvides, Qualified Physiotherapist With summer on our doorstep and days getting longer and warmer, many people are taking to the outdoors to find their fitness fix. And, what better way to enjoy this country’s spectacular natural areas and climate than through mountain biking or cycling. Many have set the annual 94.7 Cycle Challenge […]

  • Exercise for the elderly

    By Jennifer Steele   The benefits of staying physically active throughout our lives are numerous. It prolongs physical independence, reduces aging, prevents the risk of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, it keeps bones and muscles strong, it also keeps your heart and pulmonary system healthy. As we age our bodies under go slow deterioration. […]

  • All you need to know about shin splints!

    Do you suffer from lower leg pain?Below your knee either on the front outside or inside part of the lower leg?You might have shin splints!By Xavier Mc CreanorShin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) is a symptom complex seen in people who complain of exercise induce pain along the distal posterior-medial aspect of the […]

  • How to prevent injuries in 2018?

    Here are the best exercises for your body to stay injury-free.By Xavier Mc CreanorInjuries such as sprains, strains, tendonitis, and even broken bones are all consequences of living an active lifestyle. With the right knowledge and preparation, many injuries can be reduced or entirely prevented.There are two classes of injuries: traumatic or acute and cumulative […]

  • Cycling to extremes: Heart health and endurance sports

    Are endurance athletes hurting their hearts by repeatedly pushing beyond what is normal?The sun was bright upon the upturned redrock Flatirons above Boulder, Colorado. It was a beautiful July morning in 2013. Lennard Zinn, a world-renowned technical cycling guru, founder of Zinn Cycles, longtime member of the VeloNews staff, lover of long rides, and a […]