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The Otter Challenge with Kevin

Posted on November 24th, 2015 by Andries Lodder

Endurance junkie Kevin van Deventer and his running partner Johan Moolman decided earlier this year to do The Otter Challenge which consists of a grueling 42 km with three climbs exceeding 100 meters and a total elevation gain of over 2600 meters. Always sounds good in theory, but when injuries come along, makes things more […]


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Cape Pioneer Trek with Monica

Posted on November 24th, 2015 by Andries Lodder

Before i even start i have to give a big congrats to Monica Glover and her racing partner Danny Fowler on a great podium finish (3rd overall) in the Open Mixed Category for the Cape Pioneer Trek 2015 last month. After a season full of injuries she had a great finish to the year. I […]


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Posted on November 19th, 2015 by Andries Lodder

What is it?Spondylolysis means spine defect and is the degeneration of the vertebra. This defect occurs mostly in the pars interarticularis of the articular processes of the vertebrae. This defect or crack mostly occurs in lumbar area of the spine, L4 to L5, due to repeated strain.Spondylolysis has a higher prevalence in children, especially boys, […]


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20 Second Plank

Posted on November 2nd, 2015 by Andries Lodder

Can you plank for only 20 seconds? How about doing it with 200kg (440 pounds) on your back! Pretty impressive core strength!┬áPLEASE! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!In this video is 16 year old Matthew Myers. He is one of my old patients that popped in last week to train a bit at our facility […]


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